Advertising company AIT Group is currently providing printing services, publications, gifts, handbooks for brands and businesses. With more than 20 years of experience, AIT Group is trusted by many big businesses and brands such as Honda, Piaggio, Toyota, Gamuda… to choose our printing service.

The outstanding advantage of printing services,publications, gifts, and manuals of AIT Group are that they all have unique and trendy designs. We mainly uses the representative color of each business and brand as the main color for publications, manuals, and gifts. However, customers are more than welcomed to suggest custom production.

Besides, all these publications, handbooks, and gifts are produced at AIT Group’s own factory using modern technology, meeting international standards. As a result, all manuals, publications and gifts are of extremely high quality and durability. The materials used to produce the publications are strictly tested by AIT staff, so you can be completely assured of the safety of all products.

To find out more details about printing services, production of publications, gifts, manuals for brands and businesses of AIT Group, contact us via phone: 0913 318 464 – 0983 027 448. AIT Group’s team of consultants with many years of working experience will surely support you very enthusiastically and in detail.