AIT Group is one of the few advertising equipment manufacturing companies in Vietnam that has successfully exported many showroom furniture products to major European countries. The quality of showroom furniture products exported by AIT have all passed the requirements and rigorous testing in European and Asia-Pacific countries. In particular, showroom furniture products such as display stands, ceremony tables, murals, sofas, helmet mounts… are all manufactured by AIT Group.

In order to be able to manufacture display equipment and showroom interior decoration by itself, AIT Group has invested in modern and advanced machinery and technology for its own factory. In addition, the selection and handling of materials for the production of showroom equipment are also strictly checked by us. Up to now, AIT Group has successfully exported many decorative and display equipment for showroom furniture of Guzzi, Aprilla, Piaggio in big countries such as: Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, New Zealand , Australia, Philippines, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar…