Tree Planting Festival – Together with Honda keep the Green forever

Ngày đăng: 28/03/2022

On February 28, AIT Group was honored to be selected by Honda Vietnam as the organizer of the 2022 Tree Planting Festival program – Together with Honda, keep Vietnam green forever (Cùng Honda Giữ mãi màu xanh Việt Nam). Started in 2008, the tree planting festival is an annual activity of Honda Vietnam on every New Year’s Eve, and AIT Group has also been a companion of this program since 2008 until now.


Tree Planting Festival  – Together with Honda, keep Vietnam green forever is the annual activity of Honda Vietnam

This year’s tree planting festival with the theme “In response to the program of planting 1 billion trees”, Honda Vietnam has planted more than 1000 trees in various kinds in Vo Nhai district, Thai Nguyen province. With a long staging and implementation time in mountainous location and in the complicated situation of Covid 19 epidemic, AIT Group still successfully implemented the program and ensured safety for disease prevention.

Organizing the event on a large mountain terrain in complicated disease conditions, AIT Group had meticulous plans to successfully implement the program.

At the end of the event, the representative of Honda Vietnam thanked AIT Group and wished to continue accompanying AIT Group in other Honda Vietnam events in the future

Let’s take a look at the unforgetable  photos of this event

Thái Nguyên City Goverment and Honda Việt Nam representatives plant trees at the event

Opening Ceremony

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