TV Advertising, TV Program, TVC, Short films

Understanding the advertising needs on TV of many businesses, AIT Group has provided production services for television advertising programs, TVCs and short films. With this service package, AIT Group will help businesses and customers to come up with ideas and conduct production of advertising programs, TVCs, video clips, etc. in accordance with the standards of TV stations.

With 25 years of experience, AIT Group  is confident to help businesses and brands produce creative, unique and impressive TVCs and TV shows. As a result, businesses will raise the level and popularity of their brands. Besides, with many years of experience working with state agencies, AIT Group is confident to help you register to broadcast TVC ads on TV stations.

In particular, AIT Group is also capable of bringing the most modern technologies into the production process of TVC advertisements, short films, television programs… Therefore, you will receive promotional video products, television programs with unique and much different from rival businesses. Although the quality of products that AIT Group brings are of high standards, the cost is not too high, suitable for the financial situation of Vietnamese enterprises. Therefore, please contact AIT Group via 0913318464 – 0983027448 to learn more about our service!