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Organizing the inauguration and opening usually have nearly the same process. Therefore, many people still confuse these two events as one. The following article by AIT Group will help you understand the difference between the two events and provide more useful information about the inauguration. Let’s follow along!

1. What is the inauguration ceremony?

An inauguration ceremony is an important event for construction businesses. This ceremony is held to mark the completion date of a project or work to put it into operation. In addition, the inauguration event is also meant to bring luck and convenience in the future activities of the project.

Organizing the inauguration

Organizing the inauguration

Large-scale inauguration ceremonies will impact the surrounding environment and create strong communication effects. In addition, this event also helps businesses promote images and services to the public, notify relevant organizations and societies to affirm the importance and position of the project.

2. The difference between the inauguration ceremony and the opening ceremony

Because the inauguration ceremony and the opening ceremony share the same program framework, many people are still confused today. These two events are completely different. Follow the table below to see the difference.

Inauguration Ceremony Grand Opening Ceremony
– This is an important event to mark the enterprise’s work has been completed and put into operation. – Is an important event marking the launch, the beginning of a business, or the organization starting a business.
– The time of organization is when the construction of the project has ended and the project has started to be put into use. – The time of the organization is the first opening day of the business, the store…
– The inauguration ceremony is often associated with projects and works such as the inauguration of buildings, the inauguration of factories, the inauguration of road projects… – The opening ceremony is often associated with business such as the opening showroom, opening a restaurant, opening a store…

In some construction projects associated with business such as hospitals, commercial centers, etc., the inauguration and opening ceremonies can be held uniformly with full basic processes. In addition, construction works and projects that have been completed but have not yet been put into use will have organizing the inauguration simple and the opening ceremony will be held on the day the works are put into operation.

3. Plan to organize the inauguration ceremony

In order for the inauguration ceremony to take place successfully, a specific plan is essential. Below is the detailed planning process to organize the inauguration program that you can refer to.

3.1 Create ideas and themes for the program according to customer requirements

The first step to organizing an event is to come up with an idea and theme for the program. You need to rely on the purpose of the business to come up with the right ideas and topics. The contents of the ceremony need to create an impression and highlight to attract the attention of participants. Besides, the theme also conveys the wishes and goals of the business to customers.

Results of the inauguration show

Brainstorm ideas and themes for the inauguration program

3.2 Increase the number & number of guests

To ensure the quality of the program, businesses need to carefully calculate the number of guests. You should consider and select important and influential guests and partners. This will help businesses improve the quality of the inauguration, and help promote products and services to customers naturally and quickly.

Organizing the inauguration

Determine the number of guests

Besides, you also need to design invitations and welcome guests thoughtfully and carefully. Because this helps businesses show professionalism and make a good impression on customers.

3.3 Choose a venue for the inauguration ceremony

Normally, the inauguration ceremony will be held at the construction site. In some cases, the inauguration ceremony will be held at a location near the construction site to improve the efficiency of the event organization. Businesses only need to determine the right number of guests, then choosing a venue will become easier.

Organizing the inauguration

Choose a venue for the inauguration ceremony

3.4 Make a list of items to be prepared in the ceremony

Making a list of items to prepare during the ceremony will help businesses avoid errors and shortages when conducting the program. Items to be prepared include:

  • Apply for an organization license.
  • Design: Banner, stage, standee, backdrop, welcome gate,…
  • Prepare equipment: bar, light, fresh flowers, decorations, food for the party,…
  • Decorate and install ball gates, steam gates…
  • Choose the right personnel: Singer, MC, receptionist, lion dancer, dragon, …
  • Media planning and event promotion.
  • Manage risks in the ceremony, give specific plans and measures to promptly overcome.
Inauguration program

Make a list of items to prepare

3.5 Estimating the budget, the cost of organizing the ceremony

Enterprises need to estimate the budget, the cost of organizing the inauguration ceremony in a specific way. Then, make a detailed timeline for payment and selection of personnel and equipment for the ceremony. Items that need to be calculated and allocated include personnel costs, equipment costs, party expenses, invitations costs… At the same time, make a budget for other arising cases.


Calculating and planning a budget carefully

3.6 Develop program scripts according to customer requirements

To build a program script, you need to rely on the goals and messages that the business requires. Usually a program script includes the following parts:

  • Welcome.
  • Drum festival, lion dance dragon welcome.
  • Statement of reasons, introduction of delegates.
  • Representative speaking.
  • Inauguration ribbon cutting ceremony.
  • Visiting factories and works.
  • Performing Arts.
  • End of the ceremony.

4. Basic inauguration ceremony program process

Depending on the size of the ceremony, the process of organizing the inauguration ceremony is changed accordingly. However, basically,, a ceremony is organized according to the following process:

4.1 Receiving information and requests from customers

Customers will be consulted at the place where the inauguration program is located. You need to provide information about the venue, size and number of guests.


Organizing the inauguration

4.2 Preparation before the event

After receiving information and requests from customers, you need to prepare a few things before the event:

  • Apply for an organization license.
  • Decoration and installation of items such as welcome gate, entrance, stage area, surrounding area.
  • Arrange and train event staff.
Organizing the inauguration

Prepare before the event

4.3 During the inauguration ceremony

During the inauguration ceremony, you need to perform the following basic processes:

  • Welcome guests: The front desk team will wear business uniforms to welcome guests at the exit door. Besides, they will install flowers and guide the attendees to seats.
  • Opening performance: The opening performances of the program help attract the attention of the guests. Besides, the festival drums and lion dance will help the ceremony have a lively welcoming atmosphere.
  • MC spoke and introduced important delegates and guests.
    Invite business representatives to speak at the opening ceremony.
  • Ribbon cutting ceremony: The reception brought the ribbon cutting tools to the stage, then business representatives and delegates were invited to perform the ceremony.
  • Factory tour: Business representatives will lead guests to visit the factory or construction site.
  • Music: A vibrant musical performance ended the program.
  • End of the ceremony: The reception team sees off guests and gives gifts (if any) to attendees.
Organizing the inauguration

In the opening ceremony

4.4 End of the inauguration ceremony

After finishing the inauguration ceremony, you need to disassemble the equipment and clean it. After completing, report and return the ground to the local, the location owner.

Organizing the inauguration

Quote for the opening ceremony program package

5. Detailed opening ceremony program script sample

Below is a sample script commonly used by businesses to organize a detailed inauguration program:

5.1 Part 1: Picking up guests and settling into seats

To start the program, you need to pick up guests and guide them to their seats. If this section is well prepared, it will help customers to have a good impression of the business.

At this stage, you need to prepare the following contents:

  • Representatives conduct reception at the welcome gate.
  • The reception is arranged in 2 rows.
  • Someone directs guests to their seats.
  • Offer water on-site for guests.

In addition, you should note the following:

  • Need to transfer the list of VIP guests to the event organizer and how to receive VIP guests.
  • There must be a representative of the business or investor standing with the reception.
  • Make sure the MC understands the program content.
  • Soft music welcomes guests.
  • The pick-up time is about 30 minutes.

5.2 Part 2: Preparing for the opening ceremony

To have a successful opening ceremony, you need to prepare carefully for the opening ceremony. The items to be prepared are as follows:

  • MC attracts the attention of the objective.
  • The presenter introduces the guests.
  • MC gives an overview of the program.

Besides, you also need to keep a few things in mind:

  • On both sides of the stage, paper fireworks must be prepared.
  • The reception prepares the ceremony tray, scissors, flowers for the inauguration.
  • The lion dance and drum team are ready.
  • When the MC enters the main ceremony, the music must be stopped.
  • It takes about 30 minutes.

5.3 Part 3: Opening Ceremony

This is the most important part of the inauguration ceremony. To make this process go smoothly, you need to do the following:

  • MC invites the representative of the investor/business owner to introduce the company establishment process and related contents.
  • Representatives of investors and businesses invited delegates to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony.
  • When the representative invited guests to cut the ribbon for the inauguration, the reception brought the ribbon cutting tray to the stage.
  • The lion dance team gets ready behind the scenes.


  • Have paper cannons ready.
  • In case the investor’s speech is not Vietnamese, the MC needs to translate again.
  • When customers go on stage, they need to turn on greeting music. Prepare music for the unicorn team, the drum team.
  • Time is about 30 minutes.

5.4 Part 4: Ribbon cutting ceremony

At this stage, you need to prepare the following contents:

  • Put business representatives and delegates in order. Fireworks explode as soon as half of the ribbon is cut.
  • MC asks guests to clap as soon as the tape is cut.


  • The greeting music created a lively atmosphere for the ceremony.
  • It takes about 10 minutes.

5.5 Part 5: Lion dance, drum dance

This is a performance that creates an atmosphere as well as banishes bad things and brings good things to businesses. Therefore, you need to do the following carefully:

  • The lion dance team came out after cutting the ribbon and performing some welcome movements.
  • When the guests have returned to their seats, the lion dance team celebrates the inauguration and continues to the drum dance team.
  • The lion dance team and the drum dance team perform interactive movements with the party guests.


  • Personnel arrange the banquet tables and serve the customers.
  • The drum dance team needs to follow the lion dance team rhythmically to avoid causing problems.
  • Music for the dance team.
  • This performance takes about 20 minutes.

5.6 Part 6: Thank you delegates

This part is small but very important. Thank you notes will help businesses make a good impression on guests. The contents of this stage are as follows:

  • MC thanked the lion dance team and the drum dance team
  • MC invited a business representative to thank the guests who came to the inauguration ceremony
  • Time is about 10 minutes.

5.7 Part 7: Invite visitors

After thanking, business representatives and investors will lead guests to visit the company, factory… Meanwhile, you need to prepare the following contents:

  • The staff arranges the party table.
  • The kitchen team prepares the food.
  • The reception team prepares flower and wine decorations, wine glasses at the banquet tables.
  • The duration is 20 minutes.

5.8 Part 8: Opening the party with champagne

In this part, you need to prepare the following contents:

  • After the tour group returns to the stage, the MC will invite business representatives and investors to pop champagne and open the party.
  • The guests will raise their glasses together to congratulate the grand opening event.


  • The reception (wine group) will stand at some fixed positions, to serve alcohol to the attendees.
  • The reception (party group) stands at the banquet tables to serve guests according to the menu.
  • Traditional dance group preparing to perform
  • When opening the bottle of wine, have to play greeting music. Prepare music for the traditional dance group.
  • It takes about 10 minutes.

5.9 Part 9: Buffet

For big inauguration ceremonies, buffet is an indispensable part. To do well in this section, you need to be attentive in the following contents:

  • Party guests and reception service.
  • MC invites guests to enjoy traditional dance performance.
  • Traditional dance group performing at the party.
  • The groups follow the prepared party catering plan.
  • Music for traditional dance groups. After the dance group ends, turn on light music for everyone in the party.
  • Estimated time is about 80 minutes.

5.10 Part 10: Closing Ceremony

Closing is the end of the program, so you also need to do it carefully to give the best impression of your business in the hearts of customers. To do this, you need to do the following:

  • MC invited representatives of investors or business owners to close the ceremony, thanking the guests for coming to the party.
  • Receptionists line up at the entrance to greet and give gifts to guests upon departure.

6. Inauguration service package at AIT Group

AIT Group is one of the most professional event management companies in Vietnam. With a team of creative staff who always have breakthrough ideas, combined with a team of professional and skilled advertising equipment manufacturers, AIT is committed to bringing you unique and monumental events with high quality. highest amount.

Inauguration program

Full service inaugural ceremony at AIT Group

Outstanding advantages when booking the inauguration ceremony service at AIT it is:

  • Inauguration consultation for customers free of charge.
  • Build and create a detailed timeline for the entire program.
  • Provide beautiful venues that match the objective nature of the ceremony.
  • Respond properly and fully to customer requirements.
  • AIT has a team of professional and experienced consultants who will help you have a successful grand opening.
  • Availability of modern and quality equipment.
  • The team of technical and reception staff are trained according to international standards and have many years of experience in the field of event organization.
  • Consulting on selection of welcome items, parties and gifts for customers. Handling problems arising during the inauguration ceremony.

Contact Information:

7. Inauguration programs that AIT Group has organized

The following are typical inauguration programs that AIT Group has organized:

Organizing the inauguration

Groundbreaking ceremony of AES wastewater treatment plant in Thanh Chuong – Nghe An

Organizing the inauguration

Groundbreaking ceremony for road 398B project carried out by AIT Group

Organizing the inauguration

Groundbreaking ceremony of AES wastewater treatment plant in Yen Thanh by AIT

8. Quotation of the inauguration ceremony package for the project

AIT Group has inaugural service packages to suit all needs of customers. Depending on the size of the event, customer requirements as well as the items that the organization costs are different. So, for an accurate quote, please contact AIT via hotline 0983.027.448 – 0913.318.464 for dedicated support.

Organizing the inauguration

Quote for the opening ceremony program package

AIT Group hopefully, through the above article, readers will have a better understanding of the organizing the inauguration, as well as the know-how to conduct a successful ceremony. Besides, if you have any questions or want to consult and book event organization services at AIT, please contact us immediately according to the information provided above!

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