10+ beautiful, modern cosmetic showroom design

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If you are not familiar with cosmetic showroom design Please refer to the 20 most impressive store samples that we have compiled below. Besides, you can also contact AIT Group via hotline 0983.027.448 or 0913.318.464 to own a luxury cosmetic store with full functions.

1. Benefits of designing a beautiful cosmetic store

Designing, shop interior construction, a beautiful cosmetic store will bring many benefits such as:

  • Impressive store design will attract customers’ attention.
  • Create a distinct highlight in the beauty product business market.
  • Minimize unnecessary construction costs.
  • Enhance the aesthetics and uniformity of the showroom.
  • Help customers feel relaxed and comfortable when shopping
cosmetic showroom design

Benefits of designing a beautiful cosmetic store

2. Summary of outstanding cosmetic store designs

Here, AIT Group will introduce beautiful cosmetic store images that you should refer to:

cosmetic showroom design

Haly House cosmetic store showroom design

cosmetic store designs

Sakura cosmetics showroom interior

cosmetic store designs

Modern cosmetic store design The Face

cosmetic showroom design

Outstanding cosmetic shop layout – Cosmetics World

cosmetic showroom design

Miss Moony Cosmetics Store

cosmetic showroom design

NEOM Cosmetics Shop

cosmetic showroom design

Cosmetic showroom design with pink color

cosmetic store designs

Beautiful cosmetic shop in Nha Trang

cosmetic showroom design

Simple cosmetic shop with black color

cosmetic showroom design

Exquisite cosmetic stall with the white and gold color combination

3. Perfect cosmetic showroom design evaluation factor

A perfect cosmetic shop design template must fully meet the following factors:

  • The showroom interior has a youthful design style but still retains its class and complies with construction standards.
  • Design the aisle for the showroom to be spacious and airy.
  • Products are displayed as eye-catching, impressive and attract the eyes of customers.
  • Use materials that reflect light well to save electricity.
  • The display space has a color that matches the products and is different from the seating position.
  • Using wood and glass as the main materials when constructing the showroom to ensure harmony and sophistication for the space.
  • The lighting system is reasonably designed, focusing on the product.
cosmetic showroom design

Elements for evaluating the perfect cosmetic showroom design

4. Design suggestions, interior decoration of small cosmetic showroom

The main customers of cosmetic showrooms are female customers. Because women especially love beauty, a unique and eye-catching showroom design will help businesses attract more customers. Let’s see the following suggestions to decorate your showroom interior!

4.1 Cosmetic store design style

Before proceeding with the construction of the showroom, you should choose a suitable design style to help open the space. Modern style is a common design trend of many cosmetic stores. With this design style, the details of the display shelves and shopping space will be especially focused on.

cosmetic showroom design

Cosmetic store design style

4.2 Choose cabinets and shelves for cosmetic shop interior design

To create a sense of ventilation and neatness for the space, you should use cabinets and shelves to store cosmetics. Currently, on the market, there are two main types of cabinets: ceiling cabinets and mezzanine cabinets. You should choose shelves and display cabinets made of wood and tempered glass to create a modern and sophisticated look for the showroom.

cosmetic showroom design

Choose cabinets and shelves for cosmetic shop interior design

4.3 How to arrange and arrange beautiful cosmetics in each area

The cosmetics in the showroom need to be arranged into each area depending on the characteristics and suitable for the customer’s shopping journey. Products such as lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, etc. will usually be placed in mezzanine cabinets in the middle of the customer’s moving area. The remaining cosmetics will be placed in multi-storey cabinets and placed close to the wall.

cosmetic showroom design

How to arrange and arrange beautiful cosmetics in each area

4.4 Design rest areas, counters for customers

A study has shown that cosmetic shops should design the cashier counter on the left side and the best selling cosmetics on the right side. In addition, you can also take advantage of the space between the showroom to make a rest area for customers.

cosmetic showroom design

Design rest areas, counters for customers

Besides, you should only choose L-shaped cashier counters with simple designs to place in cosmetic showrooms. You can also put a small shelf of cosmetics on the cashier counter to intrigue and stimulate customers to buy them.

4.5 The space exudes an attractive fragrance

Besides the beautiful and harmonious interior, the attractive scent of the space is also a factor that makes customers feel relaxed when shopping. You can use some of the favourite scents of women for your showroom space such as jasmine, lavender, apple, lemongrass…

cosmetic store designs

The space exudes an attractive fragrance

4.6 Lighting design in the cosmetic store

Lighting effects will greatly influence the customer’s decision to choose cosmetics. You should build a lighting system above 500 lux to make guests feel more beautiful when looking in the mirror at the showroom. You should use white light to create a modern feel for the showroom and easily coordinate with the interior.

cosmetic showroom design

Lighting design in the cosmetic store

5. Professional, full-service cosmetic showroom design and construction unit

To be able to own a beautiful cosmetic showroom, you should choose professional and reputable showroom design and construction units. With 25+ years of experience in this field, AIT Group is currently the leading showroom design and construction unit that you can trust to choose.

With the motto “Shine your brand”, AIT always brings customers the best designs, impressive and quality showrooms. Your store will become different from the competition and your brand position will also be increased by 1 level.

cosmetic showroom design

AIT – Professional, full-service cosmetic showroom design and construction unit

Contact Information:

6. Incentives received when setting up a cosmetic store at AIT

The advantages that make many large enterprises such as Vinfast, Toyota, Honda, TH true milk … choose AIT Group as the construction design unit for their showrooms are:

  • Owns own factory with modern technology and equipment.
  • The team of painters, designers and architects are all trained in domestic and foreign universities.
  • Experienced staff, always dedicated to helping customers.
  • Producing high-quality chrome-plated logo with lower price than foreign units.
cosmetic showroom design

Incentives received when setting up a cosmetic store at AIT

7. AIT Group’s cosmetic showroom design process

The design process of the showroom and cosmetic store at AIT Group will include the following stages:

  • Quote: After agreeing on the design of the showroom, AIT will make a specific cost table for each item and send it to the customer.
  • Contracting: When the customer has agreed with the quotation, the two parties will proceed to sign the construction contract.
  • Construction time: The average time to complete the showroom construction is about 7 to 15 days. However, depending on the characteristics of the project and the requirements of the customer, the construction time may be longer or shorter.
  • Payment progress:
    • After signing the contract, the customer will advance to AIT 50% of the total value of the project.
    • Customers will advance an additional 30% of the total value of the project after checking the showroom rough and testing samples.
    • Customers pay the remaining cost after checking and accepting the cosmetic showroom construction.
  • Insurance: Construction of shops and showrooms will be warranted for 12 months.

Above are the 20 most impressive and modern cosmetic showroom designs that you can refer to. The current AIT Group We are providing full showroom design and construction services. If you are in need of assistance with the design of your showroom, please contact us immediately via hotline 0983.027.448 or 0913.318.464 for advice!

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