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By 2021, AIT has had a 10-year journey to successfully penetrate the APAC market since the first export order in 2012, until 2016 AIT officially signed a copyright contract with Piaggio Italy as Vietnam’s official supplier to the Asia Pacific market. Determining Asia – Pacific as one of the most dynamic economic development places in the world with many potential markets for the export of advertising products, AIT always places this region as one of the most important targets to focus on the development direction of the company.

Since the beginning of the year, AIT has exported large shipments to Piaggio in East Asian countries such as Korea, Japan… and Southeast Asia such as Cambodia. With the strength of manufacturing CI equipment to identify the interior and exterior of the Showroom, AIT always focuses on improving productivity and improving product features, AIT’s products are all manufactured on a closed line. modern, undergo rigorous assessment of the quality of AIT and the standards of imported products of the host countries.

AIT’s products have been present in many APAC countries such as New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Hongkong, Taiwan, Myanmar, Cambodia … and received grea,t satisfied and positive feedback from customers and partners.

The successful expansion into Asia-Pacific markets has proven that AIT’s advertising products have reached international standards, which opens up great opportunities in the future for advertising equipment produced in Vietnam covering the whole world. AIT is committed to making more efforts to become one of the leading advertising companies and paving the way for this export industry to develop, affirming the position of Vietnam’s advertising industry in the international market.



– Box Logo Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, Vespa

– Reception

– Accessory cabinet

– Interior equipment: display shelf with specifications, ipad shelf, helmet pole, bike display podium, floor podium…

– Decoration: wall paintings, hanging pictures, shape paintings…