Organization of a seminar, workshop, customer conference is a meeting for experts, businesses, partners and customers together to discuss an issue or to share knowledge and experience. Organizing seminars and conferences not only helps businesses improve the image of the brand but also creates trust for partners and customers. In addition, these seminars and conferences can also help businesses promote newly launched products and services and solve outstanding problems.

Understanding the needs of many customers and businesses, AIT Group has provided a service package for organizing seminars and conferences for customers. After confirming the topic of the seminar with the customer, AIT Group will proceed to write the script and conduct the preparation work for the event. In addition, AIT also provides sound equipment, lighting, and necessary staff for conferences and seminars. The conference programs and seminars that AIT Group has organized are the BIDV customer conference, the Honda sales contest 2019 conference, Honda NHC Asia – Pacific conference…

The cost of organizing events, seminars, and conferences depends on the form and size of the event and the requirements of each customer. Because of this, the cost of organizing this event will not be fixed but will vary depending on the requirements of the form, scale, and time of the organization… Therefore, please contact AIT Group immediately via hotline 0983 027 448 – 0913 318 464 to get more information and a detailed quote from our consulting staff.