Showroom Interior – Exterior

Showroom is like the face of the business. Exterior and interior furniture is one of the first factors that attract customers’ attention when coming to the showroom. Therefore, a showroom with a beautiful, impressive design will attract the attention of many people and reach customers better.

When designing the showroom façade, AIT Group always focuses on highlighting the logo of the business. All logos of the showroom façade are produced by AIT in-house with high-quality, durable chrome-plated materials. In particular, the fact that the logo is directly produced by us also helps businesses save more time and costs than ordering a logo abroad.

AIT Group is a leading professional showroom design and construction company in Hanoi. With more than 25 years of experience in the field of interior and exterior showrooms, we have been the design and construction partners of showroom interiors for many famous enterprises such as Toyota, Honda, Piaggio, Vinfast. These businesses trust and choose AIT which are:

  • Owning factory to produce logo showroom, showroom furniture with high technology.
  • Capable of performing perfectly all stages from design, construction to showroom warranty.
  • 100% of the consultants have graduated from university, have high professional qualifications and have more than 3 years of consulting experience.
  • 100% of technical staff have graduated from university majoring in fine arts, design, architecture, engineering… and have more than 5 years of working experience.