Public Relation

Building a Public Relations (PR) plan with events and products is extremely necessary if you want to improve communication effectiveness. Understanding the needs of many businesses and customers, AIT Group has provided extremely professional and effective Public Relations services.

When using AIT Group’s Public Relations service, the image of your brand, business or product, event will be noticed by the public. With 25 years of experience in the advertising industry, AIT is committed to bringing your business the most effective PR campaigns.

AIT Group’s public relations staff are all graduated from prestigious domestic and foreign universities. In addition, all of our employees have experience in public relations for more than 5 years. Therefore, the PR campaigns carried out by our staff can help your brand increase sympathy.

Our Public Relations service implementation process will go through 3 main stages. First, AIT will determine public awareness and attitude on your business. Then, we will develop plans to help businesses capture public interest and action. After the business agrees with the plan, we will proceed with the implementation.