Organizing a new product launch ceremony is a form of introducing and publicizing a new product or brand to consumers. In addition, this launch event is also the first step for new products to enter the market. Besides, the new product launch ceremony is also a way to help businesses create communication effects, stimulating the curiosity of consumers.

Currently, AIT Group is providing new product launch ceremony services with different types such as new product launch press conference, launching event, new product launch roadshow, new product activation… You can choose one of these types or propose another way to organize the product launch ceremony, ang AIT Group will help you in the most perfect way.

In the service of organizing the new product launch ceremony, besides creating ideas and developing program scripts, AIT Group also provides necessary sound, light, and stage equipment systems. In addition, we also provide the staff including PG, receptionist, security, MC… necessary for the product launch event. With its 25 years of experience, AIT Group has organized many events such as Piaggio’s 1 millionth car launch ceremony, Honda’s new product launch conference…

Depending on the type of organization and the size of the event, the cost of organizing a new product launch ceremony will vary. In addition, the price of this service package also varies depending on the individual requirements of each customer. To receive a complete quote and more details of AIT’s new product launch service, please contact us directly via hotline 84.983 027 448 – 84.913 318 464.