Advertising Screen

Outdoor advertising screen is a form of advertising with vivid images and impressive colors. Outdoor LED screen advertising will show in two formats: a sequence of programmed images or broadcast video. The brightness of the LED screen will be adjusted to suit the time of day.

This LED screen outdoor billboard will work according to the following principles:

  • Display format: Video, text, images, powerpoint slides…
  • How and how often it works: The duration of operation will be from 12s – 30s/spot advertising. The repetition frequency of the monitor is from 120 to 240 spots/day.
  • The order and time to display images and videos will be pre-programmed according to the system and you can change flexibly as required.
  • You can control and manage the screen remotely via the Internet, Dial up…
  • The billboard possesses the ability to automatically change the light intensity to match the outside environment.

AIT is the leading agency providing rental and installation package of outdoor advertising screens. We own various advertising screen rental locations across the country for customers to choose from. Some of the advantages of AIT include:

  • Owning many systems of large billboards across the country.
  • Having a lot of experience working with state agencies on the issue of applying for construction and installation permits.
  • The team of consultants possess high professional qualifications and work experience of 3 years or more.
  • 100% of technicians have university degrees in engineering, architecture, fine arts, graphic design… and have at least 5 years of working experience.
  • Design, construct and install billboards from A-Z.

Contact Info

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