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Do you want to choose one outdoor advertising agency quality reputation? Do you want to refer to the beautiful and impressive billboard templates and learn about the popular outdoor advertising services used today? Then, let’s read the article below with AIT Group to learn more!

1. Criteria for choosing an outdoor advertising company in Hanoi 

To choose a company Outdoor billboard rental quality, reputation you need to consider many factors. Here are some criteria that you can refer to:

1.1 Experience of enterprises performing outdoor advertising services

An experienced business will know how to build and deploy effective advertising campaigns. In addition, experience is also a measure of the prestige and quality of the products they create.

1.2 Review and evaluate the company’s competency profile

Reviewing and evaluating the company’s profile is a way for you to choose a quality outdoor advertising service that is suitable for your business. To do the above work, you can contact the company AIT Group – Specialized unit Making billboards in Hanoi to access competency profiles and assessments.

1.3 Projects implemented by the company

Evaluating the quality of projects that the company has implemented is the most effective way to select the right company. Besides, you should also refer to the reviews from the company’s customers to get more information!

1.4 Ability to perform support services

Companies that provide outdoor advertising services packages from A – Z will be a wise choice for you. In addition, choosing these companies will also help businesses save more costs and time.

1.5 Price list of outdoor advertising services

Cost to implement, construct one the outside advertisement sign it will depend on the service you choose. Sometimes, large, professional advertising agencies will charge higher prices. However, you should note, the table billboard quote outdoors will sometimes be proportional to the efficiency, the value they will bring to you.

outdoor advertising agency

Criteria for choosing an outdoor advertising company in Hanoi

2. AIT Group – Providing outdoor advertising services nationwide

AIT Group is a company specializing in providing outdoor advertising services nationwide. With many years of experience in the advertising field, AIT has cooperated and implemented many campaigns for famous brands such as: Honda, Toyota, Vinfast, Vespa… In addition, AIT’s advertising products are always appreciated. production online, modern technology, meeting international standards. Therefore, customers can rest assured when using advertising services at AIT. If you have any questions or need direct advice, please contact AIT immediately!

outdoor advertising agency

AIT Group – Providing outdoor advertising services nationwide

Contact Information:

3. Why should you choose AIT Group outdoor advertising company?

AIT Group is a reputable and quality nationwide outdoor advertising service provider company that you can refer to. Some of the strengths of AIT can be mentioned as:

  • AIT has its own factory specializing in the production of advertising and exhibition equipment
  • AIT’s production lines and technology are all the modern equipment that meets international standards
  • Dedicated and highly qualified staff
  • Always ensure to follow the schedule committed to customers
  • Providing customers with outdoor advertising production and construction services from A – Z
  • Warranty for good, quality products
  • Having a lot of experience in implementing and implementing outdoor advertising campaigns for big brands: Piaggio, Honda, Vespa…
Outdoor advertising agency

Why should you choose an advertising agency in Hanoi – AIT Group?

4. Outdoor advertising services at AIT

Coming to AIT, you will be provided with many different outdoor advertising services. Here are some services that you can refer to.

4.1 Billboard advertising

Billboard advertising designed in the form of a large sea, standing independently outdoors. The material of the commonly used board is a high-quality flex. Therefore, Billboard is placed to advertise in places such as highways, airport roads, overpasses…

Outdoor billboard rental


4.2 Advertising Pano

Outdoor panels are often attached to buildings and houses with high-rise structures. The frame of the board is made of sturdy steel, with good resistance. Pano ads appear a lot in crowded inner-city areas to attract the attention of viewers.

Advertising Pano

Advertising Pano

4.3 Outdoor LED Display

Outdoor LED billboards are favoured by many businesses. This form of advertising is not only shown through images but also shown through video. With vivid colours and high digital, LED screens are very eye-catching and help businesses attract many potential customers.

outdoor advertising agency

Outdoor LED Display

4.4 Trivision Billboard

Trivision Billboard is also a large outdoor billboard but will be different from Pano and Billboard. The highlight of this sign is the dynamic ad. Trivision Billboard has a structure assembled from triangular flip poles placed side by side and is operated by an electric motor. Therefore, the signboard may appear in 3 different advertising images in turn when the motor is operating.

Trivision Billboard

Trivision Billboard

4.5 Lightbox sign (Lightbox)

Lightbox billboards are often seen at medians, sidewalks, etc. Lightbox has a 3-layer structure with a sturdy iron frame, resistant to the effects of the environment. In addition, the lightbox sign is also designed with eye-catching and attractive LED lights.

Outdoor advertising agency

Lightbox sign

4.6 Outdoor Banner Advertising

Outdoor banner advertising is the most popular form of advertising encountered today. Banners are designed to be mounted on the sides of the wall or hung between columns, rows of trees, etc. Besides, outdoor banners are also very cheap and easy to install, convenient for customers to use.

5. Impressive outdoor billboards made by AIT

With its experience and modern production process, AIT has designed many impressive outdoor billboards for customers. Besides, AIT is also a partner of many big brands such as: Honda, Toyota, Microsoft, Vinfast, etc. You can refer to some beautiful and impressive outdoor billboards made by AIT below:

outdoor advertising agency

Billboard advertises Blade car made by AIT

outdoor advertising agency

Billboard advertises Blade car made by AIT

outdoor advertising agency

Impressive 3D Winner Sea made by AIT

outdoor advertising agency

AIR BLADE outdoor billboard – AIT Group’s project

6. Quoting the cost of outdoor advertising services of AIT

The cost of outdoor advertising services will be calculated according to the material, size and placement of the billboard. In addition, based on the customer’s requirements when choosing a service, the price fluctuates differently. Therefore, please contact AIT for specific advice and detailed quotes about outdoor advertising services!

outdoor advertising agency

Quoting the cost of outdoor advertising services of AIT

Outdoor advertising agency AIT Group is a reputable, quality company that can meet all customer requirements. With the mission of “Shining your brand”, AIT always provides customers with the best quality products at the best price. If you need further advice or support, please contact AIT immediately via hotline 0983 027 448 0913 – 318 464 or website, please!

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