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Braille logo is a sign with text that is processed by CNC machine technology or laser machine on the surface. Are you looking for a high-quality unit making braille logo? Then contact AIT Group – the leading logo design and construction company with a variety of materials today.

1. Classification of popular braille logo templates today

The following content will introduce to you 6 types of braille billboard logos that are most popular with customers today.

1.1 High-grade plating logo

The plating logo is made by heating and evaporating the aluminum coating under vacuum conditions. The aluminum vapor then condenses onto the material surface of the logo. As a result, the material inside the logo will not be corroded by external agents.

making braille logo

High-grade plated cars


  • The thickness of the coating on the logo can be adjusted as desired, ensuring that all products manufactured in different batches remain the same.
  • High durability because the surface is dried by a closed UV line.
  • The surface of the logo when the plating and coating are not dry is dust-free thanks to the automatically closed UV drying line in a zero-pressure environment.


  • Requires production premises and environment to meet standard standards.
  • Having a higher production cost than logos made with other plating and drying technologies.

1.2 Making a stainless steel braille logo sign

Stainless steel braille logo is a type of logo made from high-strength stainless steel, which is resistant to oxidation. Empty stainless steel letterboxes will be attached to the backdrop with special glue. If you want the logo to glow at night, you can ask the construction unit to install an LED light system according to the logo.
The most beautiful and popular types of stainless steel braille today can be mentioned as:
– Golden stainless steel letters
The use of yellow for the logo will help your sign or space become more prominent. This type of logo lettering is usually made of 304 stainless steel with high purity.

making braille logo

Golden stainless steel letters

– White stainless steel letters
You can also choose bright white stainless steel letters to accentuate the elegance of the space. This type of font is often chosen by customers who love the lightness and sophistication to design the logo.

word logo

White stainless steel letters

– Black stainless steel letters
This is the type of logo that will highlight the brand name, company … when mounted on light-colored walls. In addition, you can also combine black stainless steel braille with a bright mica bottom to further highlight the logo.

making braille logo

Black stainless steel letters

– Pink stainless steel letters
This typeface helps to create a distinct highlight for your logo. This is the type often used in spas and beauty salons to make the space harmonious and gentle but still retain elegance.

beautiful letter logo

Pink stainless steel letters


  • Stainless steel braille has a shiny, beautiful, and luxurious surface.
  • Stainless steel logo has high durability, long-term use and still ensures aesthetics.
  • Does not oxidize, so when subjected to the impact of weather.
  • The price of pink stainless steel billboards is affordable, not too high.


  • Monotone color, not eye-catching.
  • Processing time is quite long.

1.3 Mica braille logo

This is a braille logo made of mica material with a thickness of 2mm to 20mm. Braille can be bent into an empty box to save costs. In addition, making billboards in Hanoi, customers can also combine mica braille with LED lights to illuminate in the evening if needed.

The most popular types of mica braille logos today are:

– Mica braille letters
Because of its good durability, it is possible to directly paste the embossed mica logo on the sign. When using stainless steel and aluminum materials for the hips, the logo will be able to be used in many cases.

making braille logo

Mica Braille logo

– Monolithic mica letters
This is a type of logo with the words molded together. The monolithic mica letters are perfectly polished by high-tech CNC machines, widely used at VIN3S car store systems.

making braille logo

Monolithic mica letters

– Borderless mica letters
Large font surface size, usually designed with edges made of stainless steel or aluminum without borders. Although the price of the borderless mica font is lower than the rest, it still feels luxurious.

beautiful logo letters

Borderless mica letters


  • The Mica braille logo has a variety of eye-catching colors.
  • High gloss, even color.
  • Low machining cost.
  • You can combine the mica logo with LED lights to illuminate at night.
  • Mica braille logo has a relatively low price


  • Products may be reduced durability by the impact of the hot and humid climate in Vietnam.
  • The logo is easy to fade after a period of use.
  • Mica braille is easily broken when there is a strong wind.

1.4 Aluminum braille pattern

Aluminum braille is a type of logo that usually has a size of 50 – 90cm and is less deformed during construction. This type of braille is usually linked to the sign with a special glue that is easy to apply. Aluminum braille is considered to be the least expensive typeface of all-metal typefaces.

making braille logo

Aluminum Braille Pattern


  • The product is highly durable, less prone to warping and deformation by the impact of ambient temperature.
  • Braille is less prone to distortion during manufacturing.
  • You can combine aluminum braille with LED or neon sign lights to create a lighting effect at night.
  • Low processing cost.


  • Logos are easy to burn due to electric shock when combined with neon sign lights.

1.5 3D Braille logo design

3D Braille is a type of logo that is capable of creating a multi-dimensional space so that people can read the content at any angle. The surface of this type of logo is usually made of hiflex, mica, or alu material. 3D braille logos are usually machined by CNC and laser technology.

making braille logo

3D Braille logo design


  • The 3D type of logotype will bring elegance to the sign and create a strong impression in the hearts of customers of the brand.
  • 3D Braille is usually made of high-strength materials that won’t rust.


  • The construction cost of 3D braille is quite high.
  • The construction process is quite complicated.

1.6 LED braille billboard

LED braille billboards are currently a very hot design trend in the advertising industry. This braille billboard has a structure quite similar to a hiflex tarpaulin. Using this LED braille billboard will help businesses optimize the purpose of conveying the logo’s message.

braille logo

LED braille billboard


  • Billboards come in a variety of colors to attract the eye.
  • LED Braille billboard for lighting at night.


  • There is a risk of fire or explosion due to electric shock.
  • The lighting system is easily damaged by the impact of the weather.

2. Top 10 most beautiful braille logo templates today

Braille is currently a popular logo design trend because of its durability and high aesthetics. Here, AIT Group will suggest the 10 best braille logo templates for your reference and choice.

making braille logo

Vinfast Braille logo produced by AIT

making braille logo

Logo of Toyota showroom – Project implemented by AIT

mica braille logo

Tien Phong Bank’s Braille LED logo template made by AIT

making braille logo

Suzuki showroom logo design by AIT

making braille logo

Bac A Bank’s LED Braille logo sign made by AIT

letter logo template

Signboard Logo of Mong Duong Power Company of AIT Group

making braille logo

Nice braille logo at the front desk

making braille logo

Solid Line Media’s unique braille logo

making braille logo

Dun & Bradstreet premium braille logo board

Braille logo design

Piaggio’s beautiful Braille logo design

3. Consulting on making high-end braille logo signs

Before starting to design and make a braille logo, you need to determine the following factors:

  • Lighting needs: You must determine where the logo will be placed in the business or store to be able to choose the appropriate light intensity.
  • Color: You must choose the right braille color to avoid the logo being too prominent or faint compared to the space.
  • Aesthetic requirements: You should make a request to the manufacturer about the highlight of braille such as glossy letters, scratched letters… so that the final product will be exactly as desired.
  • Cost: You should choose the type of braille that is suitable for the allowed cost. In addition, you should also choose a reputable construction unit to be able to receive a quality logo sign.
making braille logo

Consulting on making high-class braille logos

4. AIT Group – The unit that designs and installs quality braille logos on request

AIT Group is currently the leading prestigious logo design and installation unit in Vietnam, owns many big partners such as Vinfast, Honda, Toyota… Thanks to owning 2 international standard production factories along with the system of high-tech plating lines, closed UV drying, laser engraving machine… the braille logos produced by AIT are of high quality and durability.

making braille logo

Logos produced by AIT Group are of high quality and durability

Our staffs are all graduated from domestic and foreign universities. Not only that, all employees have working experience of 3-5 years or more. Therefore, all stages from design, production to installation, warranty are 100% performed by AIT staff without the need for 3rd party support.

5. Quotation for making braille logos at AIT Group

The cost to make a braille logo at AIT Group will depend on many different factors such as size, material… You can contact hotline 0983,027.448 or 0913,318,464 to get a detailed quote from AIT Group staff. Please! In addition, you can also visit AIT’s billboard quote to find out the cost of logo production here.

All of the contents above are an introduction to logo templates and a reputable and high-class consulting and making braille logo unit – AIT Vietnam. With its many years of accumulated experience, AIT will definitely help you create a sea of quality and impressive logos to help elevate your brand. So, remember to contact AIT Group right away!

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