9 ways to decorate a small, eye-catching cosmetic shop

Ngày đăng: 03/03/2022

Are you wondering how to decorate a small cosmetic shop? So take a look at the content below. AIT Group will suggest ways to design cosmetic shops in the most attractive and beautiful way. In addition, the following article also introduces the most impressive cosmetic showroom designs for your reference. See now!

1. Invest in shop sign design

The decoration and construction of your showroom, an impressive sign is essential in building a brand image. Because in addition to providing information, store signs are also the place to make the first impression with customers. You can design the signboard with many colorful colors but do not be too distracting, causing discomfort for customers to look at.

decorate a small cosmetic shop

Shop sign design

Besides, you should also pay attention to choosing the color of the sign in accordance with the style of the showroom’s design. In particular, AIT Group recommends installing more LED lighting system signs. This will help your sign become more impressive, attracting the eyes of passersby, especially at night.

2. Reasonable door design

You should design the entrance of the cosmetic showroom with tempered glass panels to create a spacious and airy feeling for the space. Besides, the design of glass doors for the showroom also helps customers to observe the space when standing outside.

decorate a small cosmetic shop

Reasonable door design for small cosmetic shop

In particular, the design of the showroom facade also helps you to make the most of natural light sources. As a result, the store will save a lot of electricity costs. Not only that, when sunlight shines on, the products in the showroom will become much more brilliant, beautiful and impressive.

3. Choose and mix the right paint colors

When designing a small cosmetic showroom, you should not choose dark paint colors. This will make your store more gloomy and cramped. You should choose bright, gentle wall colors with simple motifs. Besides, you should also use furniture of the same color and layout in accordance with the showroom style.

decorate a small cosmetic shop

Choose and match the right paint colors

If you want your cosmetic store to have a luxurious and sophisticated beauty, you should choose white as the main color. In addition, you should also cover the wooden floor or use natural brown cosmetic shelves to bring a harmonious and gentle beauty to the showroom.

4. Design the right lighting system

When designing a cosmetic showroom with a small area, you should try to take advantage of the best possible natural light source. Taking advantage of natural light sources not only increases the aesthetic effect of products inside the showroom but also helps you save a lot of electricity.

beautiful small cosmetic shop design

Design the right lighting system

In addition, the artificial lighting system in the showroom also needs to be installed in the most appropriate and scientific manner. You should use downlights or string lights to make the store more sparkling and eye-catching in the evening.

5. Design wide aisles

When designing a showroom, you need to meticulously arrange the furniture in the most reasonable and scientific way to create a spacious aisle for customers. Creating wide aisles will help customers have a comfortable shopping experience. As a result, the store’s sales will increase a lot.

decorate a small cosmetic shop

Spacious walkway design

To create a spacious aisle for the showroom, you should use high shelves with many compartments. In addition, you can also build cosmetic shelves deep into the wall to save more space. In particular, you can contact AIT Group via hotline 0983 027 448 – 0913 318 464 for advice on the most reasonable showroom design.

6. Choosing the right furniture

For a small cosmetic store, you should not choose shelves that are too large. Arrange cosmetic shelves around the walls to create a spacious space in the middle of the store. Besides, you should also note the price information on the shelves to help customers choose the right product within the budget.

decorate a small cosmetic shop

Cosmetics cabinet

Because the area of ​​the cosmetic shop is small, you need to carefully consider the size and position of the cashier’s desk. You should place the cashier desk in a corner close to the wall so that it does not affect the customer’s sightseeing and shopping experience. Besides, you should also choose the color and material of the cashier’s table in accordance with the general design style of the showroom to create the most harmonious overall space.

beautiful little cosmetic shop

Cashier desk

7. Decor to decorate cosmetic store beautifully

To decorate the cosmetic shop beautifully and impressively, you should take advantage of the mirrors when designing. The use of mirrors to decorate the showroom will help double the space several times. Not only that, but the magic mirror also creates the effect of “flattering” customers when combined with modern light.

decorate a small cosmetic shop

Beautifully decorated cosmetic store decor

To decorate your small cosmetic shop with more vitality, don’t forget to put a few simple vases on the product shelves. This not only adds to the aesthetics but also brings a fresh, close-to-nature feeling to the space.

8. Attention when designing the resting area for guests

You can use the space between the shelves to make a resting place for customers. You should choose a location to build a resting area with a view of the display shelves. This will allow customers to still see the product even when they are resting.

decorate a small cosmetic shop

Design a rest area for guests

9. Add a little music to the cosmetic shop

Shopping combined with music will keep customers happy and tend to stay longer in the store. Therefore, you should update the list of the most “Hot” songs recently to play in the store!

beautiful small cosmetic shop design

Add a little music to the cosmetic shop

10. Top models of the most beautifully decorated small cosmetic stores today

In order to attract customers to shop, besides product quality, you should also pay attention to investing in-store design and decoration. Here are the top models of small cosmetic shops with the most beautiful and unique designs recently that you should refer to:

decorate a small cosmetic shop

Showroom design of Bodies store

decorate a small cosmetic shop

Interior design of Mooy cosmetic showroom

how to decorate a small cosmetic shop

Dose Cosmetics Showroom

decorate a small cosmetic shop

Haly house cosmetic shop

decorate a small cosmetic shop

Beauty Library Cosmetics Store

How to decorate a beautiful cosmetic shop

Interior of Coco Shop cosmetic showroom

decorate a small cosmetic shop

Pinky cosmetic store

decorate a small cosmetic shop

The Face Shop cosmetics shop

decorate a small cosmetic shop

Innisfree showroom furniture

11. AIT Group – Professional design and decoration unit for small cosmetic shop

AIT Group is a unit specializing in designing showrooms for famous brands across the country such as Honda, Piaggio, etc. With 25 years of experience in showroom design and construction, we are confident to bring you a store, The most beautiful and unique product display area. Besides, when choosing AIT Group as a small cosmetic shop decoration and design unit, you will get attractive benefits such as:

  • The showroom is designed and constructed by a team of professional, creative, and highly qualified staff.
  • The project implementation time is fast, ensuring the schedule is committed.
  • Furniture showroom equipment is manufactured in the factory with modern technology and machinery, meeting international standards of AIT Group.
  • Quality service and dedicated and attentive customer care.
cosmetic store decoration

Professional small cosmetic shop decoration and design unit

Contact Information:

Hopefully the above article, AIT Group has helped you have more secrets for the most beautiful and unique small cosmetic shop decoration. If you need further assistance with the design or construction of the showroom, please contact us immediately via hotline 0983 027 448 – 0913 318 464 or aitvietnam.com!

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