Advertising Signs

Signboards are placed in front of stores, companies, on roads, shopping malls, etc. Usually, signboards will have basic information including the address and name of the establishment. business, phone number, and business product line. These signboards will help increase awareness, provide quick information for people when coming to or passing by shops or businesses. Making signboards plays an important role in promoting the brand for every business. This is considered a convenient tool, helping customers to know the basic information of the company. Moreover, the investment in making signs at a low cost still brings many benefits, contributing to people choosing products and services of the business.

Over the past 25 years of operation and development, AIT Group has been highly appreciated by many large and small businesses in Vietnam for our quality signboard design services. In particular, AIT is  the exclusive supplier of logos for Toyota and VinFast showrooms nationwide. Moreover, VinFast logos are also exported to the US by AIT Group. Therefore, there is no reason why you cannot trust our products.

Signboard service of AIT Group is currently providing a variety of items such as Billboard, advertising pano, brand identity logo, outdoor advertising LED screen….


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